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Based on the depositional environment, the Quaternary deposits in the study area can be divided into five groups, i.e : (a) fluvial-channel deposits, (b) floodplain deposits (c) lake deposits, (d) transition/ tidal deposits, and (e) swamp deposits. Furthermore, this Quaternary deposits represent 3 (three) depositional intervals, namely Depositional Interval I-III.

The development of the Quaternary environment and changes of basin fill in the research area were influenced by tectonic and climatic changes. Changes in climatological conditions, from the humid-subhumid into dry, probably due to global climatic changes following the Milankovitch cycles. While the vertical and lateral changes of environment systems could be influenced by reactivation of Singkarak-Solok fault segment.


Keywords: Quaternary, tectonic, climate, environment


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