Petrophysics Analysis for Reservoir Characterization of Cretaceous Clastic Rocks: A Case Study of the Arafura Basin


  • Ade Yogi Pusat Survei Geologi



This study presents petrophysics analysis results from two wells located in the Arafura Basin. The analysis carried out to evaluate the reservoir characterization and its relationship to the stratigraphic sequence based on log data from the Koba-1 and Barakan-1 Wells. The stratigraphy correlation section of two wells depicts that in the Cretaceous series a transgression-regression cycle. The petrophysical parameters to be calculated are the shale volume and porosity. The analysis shows that there is a relationship between stratigraphic sequences and petrophysical properties. In the study area, shale volumes used to make complete rock profiles in wells assisted by biostratigraphic data, cutting descriptions, and core descriptions. At the same time, porosity shows a conformity pattern with the transgression-regression cycle.
Keywords: petrophysics, reservoir characterization, Cretaceous, transgressive-regressive cycle


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